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June 16th and June 17th

On Monday and Tuesday, both the outdoor large bore range and small bore range will be closed from 6:00pm until the following morning. We apologize for an inconvenience this may cause you.



Great Things Are Happening!

With another successful Sports and Leisure Show behind us we now launch
into a busy spring and summer.
- The on-going issue of the City encroaching on our property is still
occupying a substantial amount of resources and time  - this situation will
not be rectified any time soon , but your Strategic Planning Committee ,
chaired by Bob Freeburg is working hard to make sure our club stays as
strong as ever.   We will keep you posted as we go.
- There are many changes upon us surrounding the Ministry of Environment
(Ravens/Wolves/ATV use/ New Boundaries to Game Management Zones/ potential
snow goose rule changes/etc) so be sure to join us on Tuesday May 13th at
our General Meeting for an address from the Conservation Officers who
discuss these issues and answer any of your questions. We will also be
releasing fingerling trout into our pond prior to the meeting - so come out
and help or just watch and enjoy.
- Our .22 indoor range will be very active over the next few months with
volunteers working the Manshow in April and the Exhibition in August
- Members of our club are very active in the Provincial Body of the
Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation as well .....assisting in everything from
buying land for Habitat Trust to helping the Ministry of Environment
establish whitetail deer bag limits for the fall .

Give us a call , stop by the office , or send us an email if you have any
questions about the club, would like more information , or would like to
join in and help out.

Glen Ungar

Thanks to all that attended our General Meeting and Fish Fry on Monday May 12th.   Several interesting topics were discussed including Zebra Mussels, Wild Boars, a great presentation from Conservation Officers Chris Maier and Ryan Engel , and a good discussion surrounding the future of our club as it pertains to the City of Saskatoon's North Commuter Bridge.   It was our intention to show a trailer of an upcoming documentary on CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) , but technical issues prohibited us from doing so . Please click on the link below to watch this very interesting segment .....

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the club business and issues please feel free to contact one of the Board of Directors.

Glen Ungar - President -
Jack Pekush - Past President -
Howard Closson - 1st Vice President -
Blair Torgerson - 2nd Vice President -
Michael Kincade - 3rd Vice President -
Brian Graves - Treasurer -

Bob Rogers - Habitat Chairman -
Gordon Kincade - Trophy Chairman -
Glen Ungar - Region 5 Rep -
Al Leggott - Range Chairman -
Darin Sather - Member at Large -
Bob Freberg - SRRC -
Scott Gordon - Archery Rep -
Sherry Ruddick - Junior Rep -
Alfred Hovdestad - Hunter Safety -